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Jason DePew


Show WriteR / Creative Director / All-Around GeeK / Co-Founder


Jason DePew is a tireless and passionate writer with an endless appetite for thematics and a boundless love of language. Raised in the theme-park-filled Central Florida area, Jason attained an English Creative Writing degree and joined the Operations division at Universal Orlando, where he developed appropriate and efficient operator theming, superior guest service, and new technical writing standards for over a decade.

Jason's dedication to guest experience, operational efficacy, and the power of story brought him to the attention of On Track Themes in 2008. Jason is a frequent collaborator with On Track Themes and Granaroli Design & Entertainment, often switching hats and perspectives to develop treatments, scripts, technical narratives, and creative/technical packages. His unique operations background has made him a go-to liaison between creative and technical design teams. 

Jason's design portfolio includes projects with Paramount Studios, Universal Parks & Resorts, Warner Bros. Entertainment, The Hershey Company, Turkey Hill Dairy, and Historic Philadelphia Inc.

During his time with Universal Orlando, Jason co-created elaborate thematic guidelines as part of the opening operations team for "Revenge of the Mummy," culminating in the writing and directing of the company’s first-ever thematics-based training video. For over four years, Jason also served as Universal Orlando’s technical writer for park operations, where he actively created, revised, and maintained all of the division’s training documentation. His operating manual templates later became benchmarks for Universal parks around the world. Jason is proud to have developed operating procedures and in-depth thematic profiles for operators at world-class, award-winning attractions such as "Men in Black: Alien Attack," "The Simpsons Ride," and "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter."

When he’s not assisting entertainment design teams in creating new and exceptional guest experiences, Jason enjoys visiting theme parks and studying story structure in location-based venues, film, television, and video games.

Jason DePew